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asherisms, part 1

Feb 27

As a toddler, Asher says many things that are very unique. Being around him, we’ve come up a little mini translation guide for speaking in Asher. Some of his words are clear, while others are more of a stretch.

This is the first of many, and I hope you enjoy...

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Of Jobs and Men

Feb 15

Work life balance isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve. You want to do everything you can to provide for the people you love.

With a second child now, my time is split even more than it was before. Balancing between work and family only gets harder as time goes...

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baby toots

Feb 7

Asher called Addy a “toodeler”.

To be fair, Addy does have a lot of gas. And it smells. so. bad.

But he really is very sweet to her and likes snuggling up to her.

It’s some good #siblinglove.