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asherisms, part 1

Feb 27

As a toddler, Asher says many things that are very unique. Being around him, we’ve come up a little mini translation guide for speaking in Asher. Some of his words are clear, while others are more of a stretch.

This is the first of many, and I hope you enjoy every single one.

English Asherism Example
Tooter Toodeler (points to Addy) Toodeler!
Walk Run Me: Do you want to go for a walk?
Asher: Run?
Like Wike I wike it!
Please Pease Thomas? Watch? I want. Pease.
Yogurt Gurt Gurt? I want. Pease.
Mayonnaise Gurt (points to toy mayo bottle) Gurt!
Addy Maddy Maddy! Where are you?
Numbers (13-19) Wonteen Eleven, twelve, wonteen, wonteen, twenty!
Airplane Pane (points up) Pane!
Lightning McQueen Queen Cars! Queen! Fast!
Percy Woicey Thomas and Woicey, Thomas and Friends
Frozen Frin-in Owaf, Sven, Elsa, Anna, Frin-in

Asher adds new words daily, so check back for more soon!