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Real Life

Feb 7

Hey, y’all! Welcome to real life with the a’baums! Here, we’re just trying to keep it real. And as you know, sometimes real life gets sticky… with baby drool and spilled milk and words that would have been better left unsaid. But sometimes, real life is really sweet… like morning snuggles and silly giggles and his hand holding yours as you whisper nighttime prayers.

But you probably already know that, right? Because you’re living your own real life, too. Real life with your own real schedules and real responsibilities. Real life with your own messes to tidy, checks to sign, and mouths to feed. Real life with your own struggles and heartaches and loads to bear. Real life with real moments that, on many days, just fly by altogether too quickly.

In that, we have something in common. Though on the outside our lives might seem quite different, we really are more alike than you think. We’re all just trying to live real life, and hope to make it count for something.

So regardless of where you are on your real life journey, we hope you stop by again soon. Together maybe we’ll find that real life, in fact, is really quite beautiful.

Keepin’ it real and stuff,